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Klienci o nas


Tłumaczenia ustne i pisemne

We have been using the translation services of PFF and experienced the cooperation with them as very positive. PFF showed to be professional, quick, reliable, flexible and very communicative. They were keen on receiving feedback and used it adequately in order to satisfy us as a client. We will certainly make use of their services in the future again.

Ambasada Królestwa Niderlandów w Warszawie

Współpraca z firmą PFF przy organizacji I Miedzynarodowego Kongresu Trade Marketingu w Expo XXI w Warszawie przebiegała bardzo dobrze. PFF zapewniło tłumacza symultanicznego i sprzęt do obslugi Kongresu. Poziom obsługi bardzo profesjonalny, a firma jest godnym zaufania partnerem, którego polecam przy organizacji konferencji.

Joanna Kotarbinska
Czlonek Zarzadu

Jesteśmy nieustannie zadowoleni z jakości tłumaczeń i z naszej współpracy.


British Polish Chamber of Commerce
Serwis dla obcokrajowców

Working with the people at PFF has been a fantastic experience. The professional staff has provided me with exceptional service - always on time, very organized, great problem-solving and they kept me informed throughout the process. While conducting business in Poland I arranged to use their translator services in Warsaw - the translator was excellent - she provided onsite Polish-English translation and followed up with document retrieval and translations for me once I had left Poland. As my business was time sensitive I was concerned about potential delays, however the services provided by PFF were prompt and professional. I received couriered and electronic documents exactly as promised and expected. Working with PFF has been easy and seamless. I would definitely work with this organization again.

Karen Barry, England
Kursy językowe

I have been using PFF Language Services since September 2007. During this time, I've participated in the individual Polish language course which is tailored to my needs, focusing primarily on communication skills. Most importantly, my tutor is a very pleasant experienced teacher who exudes an air of professionalism and patience especially when teaching advanced grammar.

My Polish wife has been studying French with PFF for the last year because we want our child to be bilingual. I'm impressed with my wife's progress provided by the excellent teaching staff of PFF.

We are extremely satisfied with the language services provided by this professional and reliable company. As satisfied customers, my wife and I highly recommend PFF language services to anyone who requires personally tailored language courses.


Arnold Neuville, Belgium
General Technical Director
Ghelamco Poland

I am enjoying the classes much more than I thought! I have an excellent teacher, she is able to work with my limited ways of learning, and this is obvious by the huge amount of preparation that she must do before each and every class!! It is hard to for me hear and then understand spoken Polish, and also to speak Polish, but I'm sure one day with practice and of course with such good teachers I will get there.

I think the materials and teaching are first class. I will definitely recommend the school to anyone I know.


Euan MacAra, Great Britain
Regional Director
Sybase Products Central Europe

[...] first of all I want to thank you and the school for the great language course that you provided. The cheerfulness and good mood of you all really helped to make each day of Polish lesson a funny and a well spent day. I have great compliments to say about my tutor – a great teacher and a great person. I had a great time learning polish, which can be really hard. For now I cannot apply for another course as I still don't know if I will stay in Poland, but if I do, you will be the first person I will contact to continue my Polish studies. And if I don't stay in Poland I will continue to suffer from learning this beautiful language anyway. I wish all happiness for all of you and you are all invited to visit me in Portugal! [...]

José Ferreira, Portugal