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Conditions & Rates

Terms and conditions governing translation services

All of the following cooperation terms and conditions are established to provide the Client with the highest level of services. Consequently, we have introduced a couple of principles governing the work of our office and our translators:

  1. In keeping with Polish practices the translation rate is calculated on a per-sign basis. A 'page' of text equals to: standard translation 1600 characters with spaces, sworn 1125 characters with spaces.
  2. The fee due for the text is based on the number of pages of translated text.
  3. The basic unit of settlement is 1 page minimum.
  4. The Client supplies the Contractor with the materials for translation electronically, by fax or hard copy.
  5. The Client (or authorized persons) commissions the translation and confirms it via email.
  6. Translation fees due are based on three rates: normal, fast, and express.
    • Normal pace pertains to translating up to 5 settlement pages per day.
    • Urgent pace pertains to translating up to 12 settlement pages per day.
    • Express pace pertains to translations ordered on Friday to be delivered on Monday, next-day translation, translations within 24h and extra large volume of text.
  7. The order's completion time does not include the days on which the Contractor accepts the source text and delivers the target text, as well as Sundays and holidays.
  8. The Contractor sends the translated texts within a deadline specified by the Client.
  9. Upon the Client's request the translations may be printed in one copy, free of charge.
  10. Advertising, literary, or scientific texts meant to be published or distributed are subject to proofreading - subject to extra charge.
  11. Upon the Client's request the text may be proof-read by a native speaker of a given language or changed and corrected by a copywriter.
  12. The Contractor accepts justified complaints, if made and appropriately supported within 3 days from completion of the service. The Contractor undertakes to provide for proofreading of the indicated fragments free of charge.
  13. If the translated text is delivered by fax, email, or by courier, the Contractor is not liable for delays resulting from transmission errors or delivery time of the courier.
  14. In the event of cancelling a translation order the Client is obliged to pay for the already completed part of work according to the price arranged when ordering the service.
  15. The Client declares that he is a VAT tax payer and authorizes the Contractor to issue VAT invoice without the signature of the person authorized for its reception.
  16. The Contractor issues the invoice on the day of the work's completion.

In force since 1.01.2009