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Conditions & Rates

Terms and conditions governing interpretation services

All of the following cooperation terms and conditions are established to provide the Client with the highest level of services. Consequently, we have introduced a couple of principles governing the work of our office and our interpreters:

  1. The Client orders interpretation services by phone, e-mail, or fax.
  2. PFF is obliged to establish with the Client the date and cost of interpretation services in writing, to be notified to the Client by e-mail or fax, sent to the address or number indicated by the Client.
  3. The Client always confirms the order in writing (by e-mail or fax).
  4. The Contractor and the Contractor's Interpreter are obliged to perform the ordered work in accordance with their best knowledge and with due care. The appearance and behaviour of the Interpreter should not discredit the Interpreter.
  5. The interpretation services are sold in blocks, the shortest block lasting 4 hrs. An hour of interpretation means each started hour of interpretation (10 minutes after a full hour).
  6. All breaks for conference participants, and consequently for the Interpreter, are treated as time of his/her work at the conference. In the case of whole day orders, the Interpreter is entitled to at least one hour lunch break.
  7. In the case of simultaneous interpreting each booth must be manned by at least two Interpreters. In the case of particularly difficult conferences or conferences requiring presence of Interpreter for over 8 hours the interpreting team should be extended to include 3 Interpreters.
  8. Consecutive interpreting services lasting up to 3 hours may be performed by one Interpreter. Consecutive interpreting services lasting over 3 hours are performed by two Interpreters.
  9. The remuneration for interpreting during statutory rest days as well as at night (between 22:00 and 6:00) is increased by at least 50 percent of the fee established with the Client.
  10. The Interpreter sets aside time for the Client on the day indicated by the Client, who is consequently obliged to pay for the number of hours set aside, even if the Client or the Client's Representative decides to release the Interpreter from his/her workplace earlier, before the indicated end time of interpreting.
  11. The Client or the Client's Representative indicated before the start of the event may release the Interpreter from performing his/her obligations. The information on the Client's Representative shall be presented to the Contractor in advance, in order to allow the Contractor to keep in touch with the Client or the Client's Representative. If the Interpreter obtains no information on being released from his/her obligations from the Client of the Client's Representative, he/she leaves the workplace on time indicated in the order.
  12. The Interpreter must set aside time for the Client within the time specified by the Client, if there is a need for longer interpreting, and the Interpreter's schedule allows him/her to stay in the place of interpreting, he/she continues interpreting and the remuneration is then settled by the hour. The Interpreter remains at his/her workplace upon the request of the Client or the Client's Representative.
  13. The Interpreter appears at the place of interpreting on time indicated by the Client or the Client's Representative. If the time of appearance at the event is not specified by the Client or the Client's Representative, the Interpreter shall appear at that place 15 minutes earlier, according to good practices in conference interpreting.
  14. The Contractor must be informed on any arrangements made by the Client directly with the Interpreter, in order to be able to control his/her work with full responsibility. If the Contractor is not informed beforehand on specific arrangements made between the Client or the Client's Representative and the Interpreter and pertaining to his/her work and working time, the Contractor is not responsible for the arrangements.
  15. The organizer is obliged to supply a complete set of materials allowing the Interpreter to prepare for his/her work (schedule of events, list of participants, agenda, reports, lectures, presentations, conclusions, supporting materials ? depending on the type of meeting) two days before the beginning of interpretation services.
  16. If the complete set of materials allowing to prepare for work is not supplied at least two days before the event, the Contractor is not responsible for the quality of the simultaneous interpretation connected with the materials which are not supplied.
  17. Any changes in the mode of interpreting (e.g. simultaneous /including whispered interpreting/ instead of consecutive) must not be introduced without consultation between the Client and the Contractor.
  18. The arrangement of the booths must allow the Interpreter for the best view of the room, speakers, and presented overhead materials. The booths and equipment for simultaneous interpreting should correspond to ISO 2306 or ISO 4043 standards. Before the conference the Interpreter should get acquainted with handling of the equipment he/she is going to be using. The Interpreter has the right to decline services if the work conditions are not appropriate (e.g. no appropriate sound quality).
  19. If the Client has any objections towards the quality or method of interpreting, the Client should immediately inform the Contractor on the situation which occurred during interpreting in order for the Contractor to be able to verify the level of services.
  20. The Contractor undertakes to check the reported problem by phone or in person and establish appropriate solution with the Client. Any disputes and misunderstandings are to be settled by amicable negotiations between the parties, aimed at solving the issues.
  21. The order may be cancelled by a written notice submitted to PFF's Office in person, by courier, e-mail, or fax, between Monday and Friday, 10:00-18:00.
  22. The Client has the right to cancel services without obligation to pay, prior to 3 working days before the beginning of interpreting.
  23. If the Client cancels the services 3 working days before the beginning of interpreting, the Client is obliged to pay a fee amounting to 50% of the remuneration for the cancelled order or for the cancelled part of the order.
  24. If the Client cancels the services within 2 working days before the beginning of interpreting or later, the Client is obliged to pay 100% of the remuneration for the cancelled order or for the cancelled part of the order.
  25. The Contractor issues the invoice on the date of completion of the ordered services.

In force since 1.01.2009