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British-Polish Chamber of Commerce Deutsch-Polnische Industrie und Handelskammer - Polsko-Niemiecka Izba Przemysłowo Handlowa Insider

General Information

Zarezerwuj bezpłatną lekcję! +48 501 299 338

Cross-cultural skills and intercultural awareness are crucial tools to create well-being at work, business success and positive team relations. These can be achieved by learning a language combined with cross-cultural support. We offer Polish Courses for employees, management and entrepreneurs who work with Polish people and want to understand them better.

Polish Courses

  • Individual & Group
  • Regular & Intensive
  • Large selection of offerings
  • Language audits & programmes based on a company's demands
  • Dedicated to individuals with a busy schedule
  • Based on our own program and manual, which is accepted and recognized by our students for its transparency, innovation and ease of use.


  • University-trained & experienced teachers – Graduates of Polish Philology
  • Familiar with instructing foreigners and providing a comfortable and efficient classroom environment
  • Commuting within the city – free of charge