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British-Polish Chamber of Commerce Deutsch-Polnische Industrie und Handelskammer - Polsko-Niemiecka Izba Przemysłowo Handlowa Insider

Course Types

First Step
There are some situations in Poland when you can communicate in English, but there are many more moments when speaking Polish is necessary and very helpful. This course allows you to communicate in everyday situations after the first week of classes. You will learn, among other things, how to order a taxi, arrange a meeting or how to act when pulled over by the police.
Find yourself in Warsaw
This is a general Polish language course combined with instruction on Polish culture and the best way to get to know the city of Warsaw.
Polish at Work
Understanding your colleagues is important for well-being at work. That is why we propose this course to foreigners working or conducting business activities in Poland. The curriculum includes topics related to communication in the workplace.
This course is tailored to specific professional needs – industrial, banking, medical, business etc.
Polish Language Etiquette
If your job requires impeccable language skills, this course is ideal for you. We will introduce you to the issues related to the Polish language etiquette. You will learn, among other things, how to properly address people, how to address letters as well as how to select vocabulary in official situations.
Arts pronunciation
This course is for individuals who are at the intermediate or advanced levels and wish to improve their accent and pronunciation in Polish.
Polish in the field
Putting knowledge into practice is a great way to overcome the language barrier. Under the guidance of a teacher you will explore Warsaw and put the language into practice.