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British-Polish Chamber of Commerce Deutsch-Polnische Industrie und Handelskammer - Polsko-Niemiecka Izba Przemysłowo Handlowa Insider

Methods & Levels

Teaching methods

Courses at Academy Pff are dedicated to individuals with a busy schedule and limited time for studying after classes.

  • A practical approach to gaining the most useful language skills
  • Authentic language used by native speakers
  • Emphasis on daily communication to quickly overcome the language barrier with a focus on grammar

Teaching Materials

  • Modern and professional materials designed and structured by our University-trained teachers
  • Additional teaching materials include programs from radio and TV as well as articles from newspapers & the Internet
  • Teaching materials adjusted to company's requirements

Student evaluation

At Academy Pff, we monitor our students' progress using a system of evaluation of language competency based on the European Framework of References for Languages.

The Common European Framework PFF Levels
A Basic User
A1 Breakthrough
A2 Waystage
First Step
The Common European Framework PFF Levels
B Independent User
B1 Threshold
B2 Vantage
The Common European Framework PFF Levels
C Proficient User
C1 Effective operational Proficiency
C2 Mastery